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Public Relations

Events and people we enjoy.

Town & Country Banquet

Dr. Carmicheal, Dr. John Thomson, Dr. Peterson, Dr. Donohue

Town and Country Banquet

Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, Dr. Peterson and Dr. Carmicheal

Butter Sheep

The famous Butter Sheep.

Iowa State Vet Med.

Dr. Teresa Carmicheal and Dr. John Thomson

Ag chat

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey and Dr. Nathan Peterson

Good Conversation

Dr. Thomson, Congressman Boswell and Sec. of Ag. Bill Northey

Sharing Ideas

Representative Eric Palmer, his wife Laurie and Dr. John Thomson

Dr. Donohue w/ the class

Dr. Tom Donohue weighed Ms. Lynch's 1st grade class. They weighed in at over 1000 pounds!

Lesson in Vet Med

Dr. Donohue talks about his work as a large animal doctor at Mahaska Veterinary Clinic in Oskaloosa.